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ADVENTURES NORTH Productions are producers of television and commercial video productions, TV spots and stock footage.  We specialize in all 4 seasons wilderness tourism, destinations, nature and the outdoors, shot mainly in remote areas of Canada's north.

The company's TV Series called ADVENTURES NORTH promotes adventures and wilderness experiences in Canada's north and arctic regions, the last frontier.  The series has aired in the USA and Canada  since 1992.

Each year we criss-cross Canada's north to fish in remote, pristine waters, to explore unspoiled wilderness, to observe wildlife and along the way meet interesting people.

For 2013 we introduce all new episodes in High Definition, new broadcast times and coverage of some very cool new adventures. From fishing with Bobby Hull, to scuba diving under the Hudson Bay sea ice, to encounters with Polar Bears and Musk Ox on the Ungava Bay Coast, Moose and Caribou in the NWTs, to fishing for Arctic Char, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling, to a winter survival and igloo adventure with the Inuit to tips from Fishing Pros and ice fishing for Char on the Koroc River and for Cod on Hudson Bay.  Check out some previews, highlights and info about this seasons episodes and other new adventures to come.

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Steve MacInnis, B.Sc.

Executive Producer

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The Howard Johnson Express and
Hat Tricks Sports Bar team up with
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TV in Manitoba and NW Ont.  Cold
beer, hot wings, big screens galore
make Hat Tricks the place to watch
sports in Winnipeg!
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Hockey legend Bobby Hull on Adventures North!

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